Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brimfield Pics

Here are a few pics of my booth in Brimfield. We had a great show and I'm thankful for everything we sold, given the fact the the economy is so bad. We have a few loyal customers that buy from us, and several shoppers that do showrooms in New York City. All in all is was a great show and I'm hoping we can do it again the spring.

I love stacks of suitcase's, these went to a good friend who sells clothing, pillows, bedspreads and lots of cool stuff, Cathy of Vintage Girl. I got some new duds and she took the whole stack of cases. Thanks Cathy!

This cupboard was one of only two that I brought home with me, it will be making a trip to Marburger for the fall show in Texas. That is one of Craigs Angel light fixtures on top of the cupboard.

Another view of the Jelly Cupboard with the doors closed. Garden table and chairs
(out of my house) went to Martha's Vineyard.

A great bench, and some other cool stuff.

This wonderful metal bread shelf is going to a Ralph Lauran showroom in New York City. Those guys know cool stuff when they see it!

This is one of Craigs benches and zinc top tables that he makes. He does such a good job and yes, they both sold to a decorator for her own home.

Rachel Ashwell took this neat cupboard and white trunk back to CA. with her.

I love the coffee dyed lace, looks good against the white tent. This little table base with four drawers is going to China!

Didn't sell much of this gold stuff, it's ok, but I don't really like it that much.
Old tarnish silver, can you ever have enough of that stuff? Not me, I think it is great to decorate with.

More suit cases.

And this wonderful cupboard is also going with Rachel Ashwell to her store! Thanks Rachel!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh my, your space looked awesome as usual. Now show us what you bought on your last buying trip!!

Lauri Evans said...

great pics (as usual)! kudos on such a great show! paint those gold thangs W-H-I-T-E (can u believe what a whitey I am now?)
yes...let's see what u got at Sister's
since you're doing so well drinks are on u in Texas!
xoxo lulu

time worn interiors said...

Girls, Girls we haven't even unloaded the truck yet! And I probably won't show my lut, because it makes greedy, greedy dealers (not you girls)want to run out to Iowa and find my honey hole! Most dealers have their own shopping places, but you know how they are THEY WANT IT ALL!!!
I can't wait to see you girls in Texas!

Lisa Johnson said...

Your stuff was awesome and congratulations on a successful show. How cool are you that Rachel Ashwell buys your stuff? So cool!


Shab-n-Chic said...

What an amazing set up you had there! I want it all...and it's nice to know you did so well. I came over from Sharon @ Sweet Repose. She has great taste in blogger buds!

A Wild Thing said...

Hi again...great shots, what a fun time you had, can't wait for the shots of the Texas lips are sealed LOL...oh yeah LuLu, us 'white trashers' gotta stick together (to hold each other up), especially after a bottle of wine on a hot summer night, aye Theresa.

Thanks again Theresa, it was great sport...later gal

Herbgirl said...

How beauteous! I would have loved to shop! Such pretty pics. thanks for sharing, Mandy

sweetpea said...

Hey girl! No wonder you had a fab show--your booth was spectacular! Hat's off to you and yeah drinks are on you in Texas! Miss ya!!

Shelley (and Mr. Pea)

Tutti Chic said...

your booth is to-die-for gorgeous! I almost made the trip to brimfield & now I'm so sorry I didn't! It's such a great show!Congrats on doing so well! :) chris

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Ooohhh!! I love all those beautiful shades of white together!!

Kerry said...

Hi - I noticed in your blog that you know Cathy from Vintage Girl. I bought a few things from her in Brimfield in the beginning of September and she was suppose to send me a t-shirt that I bought since she didn't have my size with her. I haven't received the t-shirt and I have a receipt from her with no information as to how to contact her. Would you happen to know her email address or how I could contact her? I would really appreciate your help if you do know! Thanks! Kerry

Antique Therapy said...

I did Brimfield this year for the first time. Rachel Ashwell came and bought a few things from us as well!! It was truly amazing, she was soooo nice!! By the way I adore your blog, and love your style, I try to acheive the same french shabby style. Where do you find all your enamel clock faces and wooden clock faces? I have been trying to score some but they are hard to come by. I would love to switch links with you. Come check me out at