Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beverly Hillbillies go to Texas

Craig is loadin the truck for it's long journey to Texas. I told you in a previous post my son is moving to Texas and he leaves on Monday. His poor little truck is not capable of making the trip. So I came up with the bright idea to let him pull his truck to Texas with our big truck, and take a load with him at the same time. Because we have some mammoth things to get to Texas for this show and I'm afraid we will run out of space. We drive right by his dads house in Henderson, Tx. so it is no problem to stop and get the truck.
BUT!!! I am trusting a 18 year old BOY, (Who by the way lost his wallet with $350 in it a couple of days ago) to get this load to Texas safely!! EVERYONE PRAY!!! Right now!! Move away from your computer and fall to your knees!! PLEASE!!! I will be on pins and needles till I get the call that he has made it in one piece.

Here are few pics of Craig loading the truck.
He is sawing thin pieces of plywood
for padding so things don't rub together.
Boy, thats some good looking stuff on there!

Your doing a good job Craig!
I spy Craig, can you?

Make sure you get all that stuff tied down good Craig. OMG!!!
Don't want anything flying off and busting out some ones windshield!

Do you think we have it full enough????

Would Jed and Granny be happy??
Granny still has room on top of the cab for her rocker!!



A Wild Thing said...

Well, they call me the 'Queen of Cram' I know who the King is...CRAIG.

Wish I was a sto-away on this trip. I'll bring a rocker for the top... I hope the hurricanes stay away. GOOD LUCK!!!

sharon (Ma Klampett)

trash talk said...

Tater TOT-I'd be a nervous wreck! See, the top of the cab is where I usually have to ride. Just leave a tunnel space where he can see kinda out the back window. I'll keep y'all in my thoughts. Deb

French Vanilla said...

Too funny. I'm sure he will be just fine, but lot's of prayers can't hurt!!! Pray for not strong winds...Girl, you got enough for two or three dealers. You're buying dinner at least one night in TX, you're gonna be rolling in it ($$).kisses

French Vanilla said...

In some other life I'm Elly Mae...yeah, right. I can dream, can't I? Peg

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That's some of the best looking stuff I've seen in a while and wait until you put your magic touch on it, those Texas girls will be putting "SOLD" stickers on it all!! Can't wait!!

Lauri Evans said...

OMG, that window is amazing. I'm thinking you had a real good idea, the more the better. It will be here before we know it.....Lauri

sweetpea said...

Hey girl, you are a good and trusting mama! Some good lookin' stuff there--maybe it wasn't too smart to be next to you!!


Lauri Evans said... can just put those white columns aside...lulu redstar is coming to town...'she knows if you've been bad or...worse Ms. Cooter, so wrap 'em up for heaven's sake'
OH YES you'd better watch out!!!!!
xooxoxxo lulu