Thursday, September 11, 2008

Excitement *@^#!

The excitement here is just to much for me to handle! Call after call from my fabulous friends from all over the US!! Everyone feels the same way about the up coming trip to Texas.
All the hoopla and the fact my inventory is not ready
yet is about to make me have a
Don't get me wrong, I love
and adore my friends!
What would life be without friends that make you laugh so hard you pee you pants! (Lauri and LuLu)! Or friends that you can talk to about anything in this world and you don't have to worry about them repeating what you said! (Theresa)! Or friends that you make an instant soul connection with! (Sharon)! Lets not forget friends that share the same passion as you do! (Shelly)! Lord this list could go on and on, but I got work to do so I can get to Texas ASAP!!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I feel the same about you! I think we were twins separated at birth, ha ha!! Love you!

Lauri Evans said...

Guuuuuuurrrrrlllfriend! I'll bring Depends for you.....haa haa
You're an will come to you
oxox lulu

Lauri Evans said...
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A Wild Thing said...

The brownie was FABULOUS...thinkin' of ya...HAHA...


sweetpea said...

Girl don't sweat it--you know you are the bomb!!

Love Ya,