Monday, October 6, 2008

Home At Last

Wheeeeeee! We are finally home! We had a great show, but it's always great to come back home! I guess it's true what they say there is no place like home.

I got to meet a lot of great bloggers that came looking for me. I was happy to meet each and every one of you. I loved it when someone came in the booth and said are you Theothertheresa? I met people from all over the US and one woman from Canada.

We had a record breaking show at Marburger. Not a lot of dealer sales, but a huge retail crowd. Although I did meet some new dealers. Oh, and my new booth space at the end of the tent was great.

Got to see and talk to Nancy Soriano and Frances Bailey from Country Living, that was a treat! Frances looked me up so she could tell me a couple of pictures of the house made it into the 2009 CL date book.

And boy, was it great to get to spend time will all my friends! There was only one person missing from the posse and that would be Sharon! Hopefully she can make it in the spring.

I got to see me son on two different occasions, and he is doing well.

I will post pictures soon!



A Wild Thing said...

I'm workin' on it...if I survive the winter...glad ta have ya back sister...let's go shoppin'!


Lauri Evans said...

rest up...Lakewood is next in 12 days!
ox lulu

trash talk said...

Hale, Hale-the gangs all home!

Lauri Evans said...

You best be resting up for Lakewood 400. It's only 10 days away, girlfriend! can't wait 2 C U.
ox lulu