Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's going on?

When I uploaded pictures of Sarah's wedding, all I could see on the post was a bunch of words. When I published post the pictures came up but when I try to go back and edit, same thing, only words. Not sure what the problem is!

Any way, hope you enjoy pictures of Sarah's wedding! She looked so pretty and happy!

I wanted to show you how big Willie is compared to his mommy! Oh, wait maybe she is just little!

They got married Nov. 13, YES, that was Friday the 13th! Sarah is my little freak! She has wanted to get married on Friday the 13th for as long as I can remember!

Update: Boy, do I ever feel stupid! Thank you so much Isabel of Maison Douce! She explained to me I had the compose tab on instead of the Edit Html! I'm not sure how this got changed, but I learned a lesson today!! Thanks again Isabel!



Maison Douce said...

Theresa, you may have been on the "edit html" tab, instead of the "compose" tab... When you go back to editing, just pick the "compose" tab on the top right of the writing space and you should be able to see the pictures!! Hope this helps!

trash talk said...

TOT, I'm still not seeing any photos, but I'm willing to bet she was gorgeous, right? Congratulations all the way around!

A Wild Thing said...

Don't feel bad, we all have those blond moments...I was once putting up a new post, changing colors on my script and all of a sudden ALL OF MY SCRIPT disappeared...EEEEEEE...what did I do...

Charmaine from High Desert Diva told me I had somehow changed the color of the script black...DUH!!!

Funny how it is so much more readable in white...LOL...

Sarah looks fabulous, what a sweet couple and Willy, WOW is he getting big!!!

Hope you and Craig and all the family have a most wonderful Thanksgiving...been thinkin' of ya Sister...


Anne Lorys said...

Well, she looked gorgeous in the pre-wedding pics! Computers are stupid. And frustrating. And stupid. ;-)
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!