Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Dr. Pepper

I am trying my best to figure this new picture thingy out! Somehow there was an update on my pictures with blogger and I can't hardly figure this thing out! Before I had a choice for all my photos to be centered, but I can't seem to find that setting any more! I'm I crazy! I guess my blog was set on dinosaur settings! I am going to try to post this post again and see it I can get it right this time! Boy it's hard to teach an old dog, new trick!

As promised here are some pictures of the inside of Dr. Peppers house! I love her dinning room, they brought this table back from England. But I think the whole room has a very Tuscan feel!

She has tons of crusty Ironstone and of course I love it all!

Their living room is a tribute to the sea!
The couple said they love the sea!
The teal color make you feel like you are surrounded by water!

This is the den, the black railing behind the chair is a spiral staircase that leads down to the basement TV room and wine cellar that D (Jenn's husband) dug out by hand, one, five gallon bucket at a time! He crawled through a small door in the side of the house to carry out all the dirt!!

The guest bedroom looks like something from and English manor!

A few more porch pics!


I am letting everyone know I'm working on a new blog! I wanted my IP address to be the same as my business name, but found out this is not possible without starting a new blog! I am planning a moving giveaway at the end of the month so I can get everyone transferred over to the new blog! You can check it out if you like!


Donna said...

Love the Ironstone, and the old shutters.


RACHELLE said...

the wall of plates......yummmmmmy


LaLa said...

I love the birdhouse. Wonderful photographs!

My Grama's Soul said...

Saw your post abut the outside and the porch of Dr. Pepper's house. I think I like the inside more than the outside......if that is possible!!

Great pics.



Alice and Jay said...

Theresa, we thought that we may be close to you! We will be heading back your way tomorrow or the Friday.

sassytrash said...

I'm starting an "sea" room in my house too---I love Dr. Pepper's!! I've also been working on my new blog-- what seems forever-- but can't seem to get it finished! Good luck with yours--I can't wait!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

So many things to love! The church window, seashells, confit pot...what great things.
xo, Sherry