Monday, December 7, 2009

Just a Short Note

Just a short note to inform everyone in Blog Land, I will be moving out of the the Shelbyville Antique Market at the end of December! If there is anything that has peaked your interest in my booth, you'd better rush on over and get it!

We have several shows coming up in the next few months and I am not having any luck finding inventory! This forces me to pull my inventory out of my booth so I will have something to sell at the shows!

Are there others out there having problems finding treasures?



Garden Antqs Vintage said...

It's always hard to find great things unless you want to pay a lot. I'll see you in January, with a trailer load I hope!

Sheila said...

Yes my dear me too... things are to much money or just junk not JUNQUE... you know what i mean :) I hope your day is beautiful :)


Lee said...

Hi Theresa,
I had trouble finding them 15 years ago... too pricey and the auctions... dealers went into bidding wars...silly.

I really like your music... I always find myself commenting and then stopping and just chillin to the music. It reminds me of Ralph Lauren spring show. Ragtime, 1920's I like it.

Where was I, I find most my stuff at garage sales, I got out of the business years ago but it didn't get out of me.

Just gets in your blood I guess.

Solution for you pray!
God Bless you with truck loads of good stuff!

A Wild Thing said...

Looks like a trip to Iowa is in order...our secret hiding place was so busy Sunday, they had lines halfway back in the small mall...I've just been too busy to go...hugs!

Maison Douce said...

YES!!! We all comment that around here, pickings are slim, and prices are much higher...

Rebecca said...

I think it has been that way for awhile now...not like a few years ago, I sold great stuff and thought it would continue around the next corner but I am not finding it now and wish I hadn't sold some of that good stuff!

My Vintage Treasures said...

Good Luck in your search for Treasures!!!

jacklynn4 said...

Miss T, It's so true! It is more and more difficult to find really good stuff, and then when you do it tres expensive! I went to the SALVATION ARMY and found a very cool coat-THAT I COULD NOT AFFORD!!! IT WAS $100, AT SALLY'S!!!! what is up with all this?

Anonymous said...

We are finding the good small stuff and its selling.really well. What I've noticed is furniture taking longer to move. Good luck to you on all your shows this year!

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Same out here in Virginia. I just chalked it up to winter, but I'm starting to think people are hoarding or something. Smalls are moving, but no furniture. May you hit the motherlode this weekend! How awful to close your booth due to inventory woes..... XOX

flowerlady464 said...

My area has never been a hot spot for the time worn...more fancy, polished stuff. Makes me sad as I have certain things I have been looking for for quite awhile.