Saturday, December 12, 2009

Movin it around!

Hey guys, did you wander what happened to me? Well I guess I've been a little blog lazy lately! But Christmas is coming and I've been doing some serious house cleaning! On my hand and knees scrubbing floors for 5 hours yesterday! OMG! My floors are so clean you could eat off them!

And I've been sorting through some of my things to sell! Can't find anything to buy, so I've been shopping in my own house. I had bought some treasures for myself last year and never found a place to fit them in. So I took this opportunity to trade the old for the new! Well the new is old! Does that make any sense?

These are the wonderful chairs I bought at Leftovers last year, and this table came from Shelbyville Antique Market. I moved a huge prep table out to make room for them and I really like the results!

I'm loving the creams and browns!

Just got this wonderful mirror a few weeks ago!

These alabaster birds are from French Vanilla!

Wonderful head stone urn is from Clutter.

I am finally amassing several pieces of coral,
and it's displayed in a huge shell I bought for $20.

I love this little carriage,
reminds me of Cinderella.

Hope you enjoyed all my movin around!
I've done some changes in the bedroom,
but Craig was already asleep when I took pictures.
I'll show them in the next post!


The Green Pea said...

Hello to TOT, lovely photos. I also have been looking in my home for new items to sell at the store. Amazing how many things I store at home.....sandi

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Lovin it!! The little architectural piece with the # tag is to die for!! Great post! Hugs, Janna

jacklynn4 said...

I want the carriage! Is it metal? WOW! so beautiful!!!! Have a happy holiday Miss T!

Blue Creek Home said...

ALL of it is delicious!!!
Love the chairs.

Lee said...

Funny, I am about to do the same thing, with linens. I am going shopping in my stuff...
Well you did a gorgeous job. I would have liked a before and after but I sure it looked just as fabulous before. The carriage and large shell perfect and unique, the birds too. Those chairs!!!man oh man... I need to go get started on mine. (my floors too)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I need to ask about the shelf on the wall in the second photo down.
Do you still have that...What are it's measurements...and how much are you asking for it.



Malisa said...

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! The results of your hard work are unbelievable? How about coming to my house and doing that? Oh, come on! Thanks for sharing your photos! What inspiration!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I love all the moving around. Love, love, love the carriage.. What an inspiration. Hope your knees are ok today..hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

The photos are wonderful. I love it all. I guess there's a thing about Christmas decorating, you have to move everything to get it all in. Then the scrubbing thing. I did that last week too! Have a wonderful Christmas. Susan & Andy

June said...

Theresa, I could sit here all day and stare at these. I'm not kidding! Your home exudes warmth and beauty. I love a house with soul and you're definitly has that.

Hey thanks for the support on the hair thing. I didn't chop it. She just gave me a little shape, barely taking off any length. It's still short, just not as short as the pic on my sidebar.
I did not know you were a hair stylist!

Hill Country House Girl said...

I love rearranging my treasures. If I can't go shopping for antiques, it's the next best thing and I realize how much great stuff you I have already got! I am wondering where you got the old grate cover with the white paint? I used to have one of those but sold it! I am coveting your little alabaster birds, by the way! Great, fun post and lovely photos!

My Grama's Soul said...

Beautiful photos! I love your color combinations.



Hill Country House Girl said...

oops, I meant "vent cover"!

the old white house said...

Hello Theresa! I'm so glad you found my blog too! All of coincidences are too much to ignore! I have followed your blog for a long time but that was before I had a blog and I didn't really 'get' the following system and so you have been added to my favorites for forever! Now I can officially become a follower and not a 'lurker'... I have been going through all of my favs and adding them to my blog list, consider yourself added! You have a wonderful blog, love it ~ Theresa

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Love seeing all your changes!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Theresa, you said...."And I've been sorting through some of my things to sell! "
And that lead me to post the question about the shelf on your wall.
If I misunderstood about your selling some of these things in the pictures, please let me know.

I will check back here.

Hugs to you,


My Vintage Treasures said...

Isn't it great shopping in your own treasures!!! You put a bag away & forget about it until you're looking for something else....and's new again...LOL

Love all your pix :)
Joyeux Noel!


I love this look you are creating! Some people don't believe that white can be warm...just look at what warmth you have created with your whites...I'm loving it. Funny, I always get the urge to move things around right before I put up my tree for Christmas and then I have to rearrange again to accomodate the tree...crazy! Hope you had a great week end

Janean said...

too stinkin' beautiful for words! i absolutely adore that chippy wooden piece above and behind your gorgeous collection of coral. i'm off to read more of your newly-discovered blog!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

I love this post,I love this post,I love this post.....really!!!! All the best,Chrissy

La Petite Gallery said...

What interesting things' I am
getting rid of my things as I am 73 and when I do Go to Lala Land ,I want less mess for my Daughter to deal with..

Nice post, why don't to become
a follower I need some..Warm greetings

English Cottage in Georgia said...

So how you display your shades of white pretties. Love the table with the chairs, also.

vintagesue said...

isn't it fun to redo it all and recharge!!! everything looks amazing and as texas gals have all the good stuff!!!!!
thanks for sharing.

Eccentricities said...

I love your gift for creating vignettes! Cream and brown are wonderful and you've set everything off in such a fabulous way with varying textures. Happy holidays!