Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Award times 2

I got an award from Beyond the Picket Fence and 2Chippys.
I am supposed to list 6 things I love!


Friends all over the US

Junk Business (shopping and selling)


Creating Art


I know not very exciting, what can I say!
I will pass this award onto 6 more interesting bloggers!



sassytrash said...

Thanks Theresa! You were the one who inspired me to start a blog. Hope to see you at Lakewood.

Maison Douce said...

Thank you so much for giving me an award, I feel so honored and appreciative!!!! I love your blog, which makes it so much more special!! Thank you!

Pamela... Beehind Thyme Farm & Garden said...

Goode Evening...

The show was wonderful... the customers were there... the oldies said it was alittle down from years past. We did good... of course we always want to sell out...

Hope all is well with you, are you still open in Glendale???

Blessings, Pamela

Cottage Way of Life said...

Hi Theresa-
Many thanks for the award, what a nice surprise!

I had to think about it most of the day ... what I love, I mean. I finally came up with six things to list on my blog, it was tough narrowing it down though. ;^)

Thanks again!


Unknown said...

Thank you Theresa for the award....and for the shout out!

countrycharisma said...

Thank you Theresa for the award! I was painting again last night and didn't get on my computer, but seeing it this morning with my coffee. I was so surprised! Your blog is so fun to view and interesting. I am a student, but so far really enjoying it. Appreciate you including me. Blessings, carrell

ShabbyInTheCity said...

OH? 6 things we love? I didn't understand. Woops.
Well I like your list. So I said we looked alike? I need to see you again! Thanks for the compliment ;)