Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweet Gift

Craig was painting a skid loader yesterday and came across this sweet bird nest tucked into a corner of the cab. He knows I love bird nest, so he loving put it in a plastic bag so he wouldn't lose the eggs. When I got home from work he said I found you something today, then presented me with the nest! I loved it!

The little eggs are so fragile one of them fell to pieces in my fingers.

For many years my children have always gifted me with bird nest and feathers. I'm not even sure how many I have. Any time one of them found a nest or a feather they would run in the house full of excitement and out of breath. I can see the smiles on their little face, outstretched arm with a delicate nest cradle in their hand. All 3 of them knew I loved nest and feathers and it cost nothing to make mommy very happy! Oh, those were the days! My sweet babies are all grown up now, but I still have my nest and feathers to remember those special moments in time.
I have a whole cupboard full of these gifts. I love wasp nest and dried up bugs also!
Sorry, you can see me in the mirror!

My son probably gifted me with the most nest and feathers.

There are at least 20 nest in this bowl,
one of the nest is connected to a stick.



trash talk said...

Is the doctor in? You may be right, I may be crazy-crazy about your nests. What wonderful memories for you. You know it's Laurie who is making me nuts. I just love that woman and don't want to share her. I know you really didn't mean to steal her, but you did and now I must get past it and learn to live again. Tn'T

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Awe, those are the best gifts!! Isn't Craigy poo so sweet!!! Give that Texas cowboy a big hello for me.

Unknown said...

What a sweet gesture from hubby. I love when my hubby brings me something home that i like. It shows he was thinking of me. mishelle

Debra Hall said...

The simple little "thinking of you" gifts in life are the sweetest! What a thoughful hubby!Debra

sweetpea said...

Hey friend! I too love and collect nests. I have one that has a section of wire fence through it. I also collect wasp and hornet nests too and my oldest recently asked me if I was going to be a weird old lady who collected stuff like that. Hmmm... Too late!

Miss You Guys!

A Wild Thing said...

You know me...the weirder the better! But what a sweet jesture. Got some good stuff at CV...wish I woulda had more money...isn't that the way of it...ha!

Rene' said...

Those are the sweetest nests. Enjoy your Girls Weekend before the Thanksgiving rush.

Unknown said...

How SWEET to bring you a nest! That man's a keeper! Love your blog...so cute! Happy Holidays!

Michelle Palmer said...

Sooooo Soooo SWEET!
Love them all~
During big windstorms I take our Lab out for a walk...purposely searching for tumbling nests! When we find one it's like a winning lottery ticket~
Then we hurry in before the limbs crash down! tee hee
Wishing you Wonderful~