Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash has me seeing RED? I know me buying something with red in it! Actually this all came from one yard sale, can you believe that. A friend of mine died a year ago and her house was all primitive, her husband had a yard sale so I scored. I don't really like these kind of things but they were to cute to pass up. I think from now on I will have a Sunday Stash every week and I will start selling from it, so if you see something you are interested in just e-mail me. I don't have a pay-pal account set up yet, but I will see what I can do. As a matter of fact I don't know the first thing about getting it set up, but I am going to try.

Love this letter to Santa! The frame is cute also.

And this doll holding a cat! Cuuuttttteeeee!!!

The large crow is foam and the small one is fabric.

Cute little purse has a mirror inside.

Frames and ledgers, who can resist these?
A smaller letter to Santa.



ShabbyInTheCity said...

Paypal is easy to set up! Go for it :) I love it because...I have $ sitting there and if I want to make an online need to get up and find the Visa or checkbook...just hit the pay button LOl!
There are prim lovers out there...hmm. I don't know who they are...maybe they'll happen by here.

Anita said...

Wow- are you selling any of this? Cause the red and white embrodieredy is very awesome...Let me know.

And, I agree, Paypal is a breeze and super easy to use.

Guess what? Sharon and I actually both sell stuff to Sister's garden- but we have never met in person. Though I covet all her jewelry when I am at the store. Found her through blogland earlier this month. Funny world, huh?

And, I like the color, though I would have never picked it from the paint chip.

Debra Hall said...

What a yard sale! Paypal is very easy to set up:)just click on it and they will guide you through it (if you haven't already).....Good luck! Debra

trash talk said...

Wouldn't those linens in the last photo make beautiful stockings? Tn'T

A Wild Thing said...

Hey really scored, but then do have the eye! I'm anxious to meet close and yet so far...know what I mean. And yes, the paypal is a must...and what I love about it is the debit card, I can use it to buy all of my supplies (soaps and jewelry) and don't have to use the credit card. If I can do it, you can do it...cause I am a hick (retard)!!!

The room is coming along...I LOVE the color, that will be an inviting color for you to work in...and to fill the room with won't even notice the color anyway after you fill it full...HA...