Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ashes to Ashes

I have been waiting tables for friend of mine in a fine dinning restaurant for about a month to make ends meet in this slow economy. The building was a historic depot (The Depot was the name) with wonderful tin ceilings, random width wood floors, wavy glass windows, and what ever else makes old buildings charming. At 4:20 am yesterday morning it caught fire and was destroyed. The gentleman I worked for Tony York had an apartment upstairs and that's where the fire started. Fire Marshall thinks a fan caused the fire. So not only did my friend loose his business, he lost his home! He has 3rd degree burns on his head, face, arms and hands. He is going recover but it will be a long and painful road for him to travel. This restaurant was a dream come true for Tony. He put his heart and soul into everything he did there. He worked along side all his employees doing any job that needed to be done. Please pray for him that God will help him heal and give him the determination to rebuild his life, his home and his business. My heart goes out to you Tony!
Love Theresa

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Displays At Home

This is one of Criag's lamps that he assembles from old lamp parts and pieces. I love finials in different shapes and sizes, and books are one of my favorite ways to get height when doing a display.

Small angel lamp with brown and white transferware, white berries from my good friend Theresa Cano and a cool dish scrubber hanging over the side of the dish.

I have statues all over my house, naked men and women! None of the clocks I have work, I just love the way they look. A small crazed piece of ironstone with flowers and empty frame and more books complete the look.

Loving cups or Trophies are great when they grouped together. I don't have very many, the small silver one is a gift from my good friend Theresa Cano! So glad I have friends like her! Go check out her blog Garden Antiques, you won't be sorry!

Hope you enjoy looking at pics from my house! I have many more and I love sharing them with other people.

Sorry I Have Been MIA

My computer died on Christmas Day and I found out this week from computer guy that it couldn't be fixed! I finally bought a new one today. I will be posting some new pics in a couple of days.