Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brimfield Pics

We had a great show in Brimfield. I wasn't sure if people would be out buying since gas is so expensive! Lets face it we don't have anything anybody really needs to get through their everyday life. Unless of course they are all JUNKies like me! I think I would lose my mind if I couldn't shop for junk at least once a month. I do shop more than once a month, and sometimes more than once a week! Junk shopping feeds my soul, and the real REWARD comes when you get to take all that junk and put it in a pile and create a wonderful display! Its amazing how you can buy junk from 20 different places and it all winds up looking great together. We also rescue a lot of rotted, broken, ugly, unwanted furniture and chandeliers and give them new life. Thanks to Craig almost anything is possible! Hope you enjoy some of my displays, I had a great time creating them. We only have one whole day to set up, so I feel really rushed to unload a 16ft box truck, and 12 large totes and make it look good enough for people to want to buy!

This is one of Craigs benches he welds up, this one is going to Japan! Craig said we need to get some small plates made up to go on his creations that say (Made in USA).Everything in this pic sold except the hospital tray!

Zinc top table, some more of Craigs handy work, one of the first things we sold. We sold 6 of 7 chandeliers.

Brimfield loves white crusty furniture, and by the way so do I!! (In case you didn't know!)

A few gold things, at this point I had sold so much I didn't have anything left to display on! I have to have tons of books for display, and no I don't sell them.

This cute wall cupboard and one board top table sold. I love those baby shoes, they have holes in the bottom where they've been worn so much!

Last but not least a wonderful pie safe that lost its legs to rot, got a new lift with a bottom made from old boards thanks to Craig. If it weren't for Craig I don't think I would have anything to sell.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rumor has it!

I got some information in Brimfield that I know people will want to know about. Rumor has it, (from a very good source) that the old Lakewood in Atlanta may live again!!! Some investors are working with Green Space to rehab the buildings and clean up the lake! But investors need 500 names in the next 30 days for people who are interested in coming back to Lakewood as dealers. If you are interested please e-mail me with your name and phone number. Craig and I will be working with the investor to pass on this information. Keep your fingers crossed! We miss Lakewood so much!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birmfield, Mass. Show

We will be leaving Sunday for Brimfield, Mass. for a show. I will be at the New England Motel which opens on Wed. morning April 14th. If you guys are up that way look me up, I would be happy to see you. And wish me luck, not sure how sales will be with the high fuel prices!! I will post pics of my booth when we get home.