Sunday, September 21, 2008


Sorry guys, I will be MIA for the next 2 weeks. I guess you figured that out since all I've been talking about is Texas! We will be leaving tomorrow about 6:30pm as soon as I get off work! I'm sure the day will drag on forever, cause I can't hardly wait to leave! We will drive for a few hours then pull into a camp ground for a good nights rest. On Tuesday we will drive to New Salem, TX, so I can spend a couple of hours with my son, that will surely be the highlight of my trip! From there we are only 5 hours away from Marburger Farms. So hopefully we will arrive shortly after lunch on Wednesday!! O boy then I get to go shopping!! WWhhheeeeee!!! I will be taking tons of pictures! So stay tuned I will be back Oct. 7th.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Texas Time

It's hard to believe I talked to 2 of my friends and they are already setting up in Texas, and we don't even leave until Monday afternoon! God bless those souls who set up for 10 to 14 days from daylight to dark trying to get every last customer! That's not for me! I tried that for a few shows and it sucks! I would rather be at Marburger Farms for a mere 5 days (with it's grand opening day) and have a decent hour to open and close. Marburger draws such a good crowd, usually the sales are as good in 5 days as they are in 14 days! Plus, there is more ME time to get out and shop for junk. I love Marburger Farms, if you've never been there your missing out. Marburger sports some of the best decorated booths around. The first time I ever stepped foot on the grounds my chin fell to the floor, I couldn't believe there was so much talent grouped together in one huge cow pasture! Of course maybe decorating doesn't interest you, but for me that's what it's all about. It's a way for me to get my fix! Junk is the drug of choice for me. It's so fulfilling for me to take and pile of junk and make it look like a million dollars. So make plans now to come and check out the show!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Theresa is fine!

To let everyone know our Sweet Theresa Cano is fine! She doesn't have any electricity, so she can't e-mail or post! Hopefully she will be back on line soon!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Excitement *@^#!

The excitement here is just to much for me to handle! Call after call from my fabulous friends from all over the US!! Everyone feels the same way about the up coming trip to Texas.
All the hoopla and the fact my inventory is not ready
yet is about to make me have a
Don't get me wrong, I love
and adore my friends!
What would life be without friends that make you laugh so hard you pee you pants! (Lauri and LuLu)! Or friends that you can talk to about anything in this world and you don't have to worry about them repeating what you said! (Theresa)! Or friends that you make an instant soul connection with! (Sharon)! Lets not forget friends that share the same passion as you do! (Shelly)! Lord this list could go on and on, but I got work to do so I can get to Texas ASAP!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthday Girl

Sept. 7th we have a Birthday
coming up for a very special blogger out there!
Sharon of Sweet Repose
You all go on over and wish her a
Great Big Happy Birthday on her special day!
She is a great person and a very special friend!

Sorry, Sharon I used your picture without permission,
please forgive me!

It's almost time!

Show time is almost here! And I am not ready yet!!
We still have several jobs to finish before
the second truck can be loaded.
But we are getting so excited, we can't hardly wait!
I have been pricing smalls all day long, I hope I have enough.

Just come by to see me at Marburger Farms, Booth H-15.
Our show starts Sept. 30th.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Award!

Thank you Theresa Cano of Garden Antiques for nominating me for an award!

Here are 7 blogs that I love!
I nominate these blog for the same award.

Monday, September 1, 2008

He Made It!

Clayton called 7:50pm from his dad's house and HE MADE IT IN ONE PIECE!! Thank goodness!! He called me about ten times today to let me know each time he changed routes and told me he was on the right road. That was a huge comfort to me through out the day. Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for him. Ands thanks for all who wanted to give me a big hug. I'm sure I have many tear filled days ahead of me. At least he's not gone off to war! I really feel for all the mothers that have sons and daughters in war! Those mothers have made the ultimate sacrifice and we should remember them daily.


Bitter Sweet

The tears have been flowing here since 4:30am this morning. My baby boy has left the nest! Even though you want your children to grow up and have a life of their own, it's hard to let them go. This is a hurt my heart has never felt before!! My girls moved out, but they didn't go far. My baby boy will be 725 miles away from home. I hope and pray he gets there safely.