Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marburger Pics

The Marburger show was a good one! I enjoyed seeing all my old friends and meeting a bunch of new friends. I had my normal load, tons of ironstone, some industrial, doll heads and doll parts, lamps and chandeliers, crackle white paint, zinc top tables, and Criags wonderful benches he welds up for me. I even had some black furniture this time, because I had these wonderful school posters from the 1950's that I wanted to highlight. It took me three days to set up, mostly because I spent a lot of time visiting with my friends when they came by my booth. Marburger dealers are like one big happy family! And the new owners are great, they did a fabulous job for their first show. Hope you enjoy the pics of my booth, I enjoyed decorating it and I enjoyed selling! We are already talking about the fall show.