Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brimfield Again

Just a short note to let you all know we will be leaving for Brimfield, Mass. on Sunday July 6th. The show starts on Wednesday, July 9th. We will be at the New England Motel in Booth 219. Stop by and see us if you get a chance. I have tons of great stuff from Kentucky and Iowa!
Hope to see you there!


Lauri Evans said...

You are such a Road Warrior Miss Thing-from-KY; will we ever C U again in our humble little hamlet of Atlanta? I am glad to know your motel...now I know where to send the Massachusetts State Police.
As Austin Powers would say:
xooxoxox lulu

Lauri Evans said...
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Junkers On The Loose said...

Howdy Ms. Traveler!
I just want to say that I hope you realize you have people who aren't able to hit the road who are living through your adventures!! hahaha So LIVE IT UP and be sure to have your camera in hand and post the goodies when ya get back for us who are stuck at home!
Have a safe and super trip!
Smiles, Lorie

sweetpea said...

Sell it all my friend and have a safe trip! Hello to Craigy--poo!

Miss you,