Saturday, April 10, 2010

Expanded Booth Before and After

We have been busy as a bee since we've been home from Texas! Not a minutes rest! For real! I rented the booth beside me and a half a booth in front of my old booth! I couldn't wait to get the work done cause I had a vision of what it would look like in my head! After 4 days of moving furniture out, moving furniture in, painting, stapling burlap and of course my favorite thing (decorating) I am finally finished! You can see how tiny my space was!






I am loving my new space at Bennies Barn in Glendale!
Come on check it out soon!



BrushedByAnAngel said...

Wow!! You did a great job. I can tell you love to decorate and the items in your booth are really lovely.

The Smith Hotel said...

Oh my! Looks fab! Love your idea of putting sticks in the opening of your mannequins! I put shredded paper in mine but might have to use your idea when I need to add height! Good luck with your space!

Thanks for sharing,

jacklynn4 said...

Bliss Farm Antiques

Vanessa Greenway said...


the old white house said...

Stunning! Your space is just beautiful, I would love to come there and see it all in person, but thank you for the next best thing! I love it all, you are so talented...Theresa

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You have been busy!
Question: What does TOT at the end of your posts mean? Just being nosey. :-D

trash talk said...

There is just no rest for the wicked! It all looks wonderful of course!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Girl...I am speechless! If I were shopping in there and came across a booth like this, my heart would start to race a bit faster, I would sprain my eyeballs from lookin so fast and I would know that there would be no way I would be leavin that booth empty handed!
For Real!!!!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Your booth looks amazing!!! Blessings... Daphne

Debra@CommonGround said...

Theresa, it all looks wonderful! You have an amazing talent of pulling it all together. Love what you did on the walls, it gorgeous, not to mention all you fab stuff!
Hope you're having a great weekend, oh and I adore your outfit at the blog party, AND the boots!

Unknown said...

Charming and inviting as all your wonderful merchandise really stands out and speaks to you. Nice job and amazing style!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

I love it!! The spot looks fabulous. I want to visit....NOW. I hope all is well, I will be back soon to check out what new junk you have hauled up! Hugs, Janna

Margo said...

What a lovely space, boy you didn't rest any after Marberger did you.
It looks great.

Sue said...

Your "after" shots are pretty amazing! It's funny how in this business we get so drawn into others displays. I love all of yours!
Take care, Sue

Anne Lorys said...

I see a few ideas I'm gonna steal. ;-)


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Oh dear me! That was fun!...and you did all the work! You surely have a talent for decorating...and arranging and have it all!

My Vintage Treasures said...

Wow Wow Wow!!!

countrycharisma said...

New booth looks great! Can't believe you didn't take a break after TX. Will have to get up and see your new space when visiting Martha. Great job!

~La Rustique Market~ said...

You have been busy! Your new booth looks did your booth at Marburger. Congrats on your name tag...too cute!! Good seeing ya.

My Grama's Soul said...

Your new booth is truly well done!! I wish I lived closer so I could visit a few of you gals.....but alas, it is not to be.


Alice and Jay said...

Thanks for the well wishes! We are having a wonderful Italian holiday!! Your booth is beautiful. We look forward to seeing you at Brimfield! Alice and jay

Simply Iowa said...

Hey TOT, thanks sooo much for swinging my way, and dangling down the 'Rabbit Hole'! You amaze me! Loved seeing all of you guys!... Your 'look' is Stunning!
Thanks again!
Barb C.
a.k.a the mad hatter....

janet said...

all your texas pics are great! so glad you had a great show! it makes all the hard work worth it! congrats on your expanded space at bennies! looks fab! i'm telling you, if i only had my suitcase, you'd have to throw me out!

Paige Thomas King said...

think you could squeeze in a show in Clarksville on the First of May? We're having our first "occasional sale" and would love to have you join us. It's on our second floor--rain or shine. Youc an come an set-up early. Let me know.