Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are we still moving?

When we got home Monday night and I laid down in the bed, I felt like I was still moving! We have traveled so much in the last 5 weeks, I'm ready to stay home for a while.

The Lakewood show was a little soft this time, I think people are still trying to get over the fact they didn't have any gas for about a month, and they are afraid to spend any money. But we had a great time with all our friends.

These first few pictures are of the 2Chippys booth! Of course they had a theme! (She Dreams of The Circus) Their booth was so creative, enjoy the pictures.

This little blue Cottage table had 6 chairs with it! Can you believe 6 chairs that matched? I think LuLu still has it if you are interested just let her know! 2Chippys

All the circus stuff just makes you smile!

Clown wig pictures are for another post!

Lauri had a Frenchie masculine twist on her side.

I loved this Texas fire insurance policy from 1929.

And this desk and chair, Oh La La!
Here are few shoots of my booth. My camera did something strange this time, it only took half of a picture. Not sure whats up with that, I will have to read up on what I did wrong!
We had some great small cupboards and a couple of cool benches.

This arch top door went to a happy customer.

Next post I will be featuring Ms. LuLu Redstars home, you don't want to miss it!


Lauri Evans said...

Hey Girlfriend!!!! hope you get some well-deserved rest! The BEST part about the weekend was being with YOU AND CRAIG!
thanks for the great pics. Appreciate you taking photos of our stuff AND NOT US
..sorry you had to WEAR NYLON!
xo lulu

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Loved see all of ya'lls pretty things. I feel so bad for you about the show, but I guess you never know, you just wish it would go better. Can't wait to see Ms. Lulu's home, I'm sure it's just gorgeous!!

trash talk said...

How on earth did you get any work done with those two so close. I'd been too busy laughing my a-- off. The photos all look wonderful.

Lauri Evans said...

Theresa the pictures look amazing, is that our stuff?????? Loved seeing you guys, hope you will come back. You can stay with me. And we will laugh all night and try on clown hair.....Lauri

A Wild Thing said...

I'm getting a visual here, even though 'the skys are all cloudy all day' Iowa (is that a song???)I have to smile at the antics of you crazy Suthuners...I bet ya'll had a blast...were cocktails served???

Great shots T...sharon