Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Home of LuLu Redstar

While we were in Atlanta we had the honor of having dinner with LuLu Redstar and Phil, her sweet husband. I also had the honor of taking pictures of her home! Thank you LuLu!

Anyone who knows LuLu, knows she's a wild and crazy kinda gal! She's a hoot! Her home reflects her personality to a Tee! It's sorta oriental, country, frenchie, bohemian with tons of cool art! Not sure of any one word that would describe her style.

I really enjoyed the tour of her home, and the wonderful dinner she and Phil prepared for us to share. These are only a few of the pictures I took, I will post more next time.

Her home sits on top of a hill.

It was almost to dark to take pictures of the garden.

This is in the kitchen.

This is the family room.
Living room.

Foyer, most of the cool things in her home have a story to tell,
LuLu has traveled to many different countries.

Dinning room.


I love this dressing table.
And this is the Leopard Lounge, she even has a disco ball!
Imagine that!

And these are the
Leopard Lounge Lizards!!!
Lauri and LuLu

Thanks again LuLu, fun was had by all.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

As TNT would say, in three words...FAB U LOUS!!

trash talk said...

It really does reflect her personality-so colorful and full of fun. But who one earth are those 2 couch potatoes? They act like they're tired from doing a show or something. T'nT

Lauri Evans said...

You are too kind, TOT! You make things look so much better than they are!
xo lulu
p.s. whose thighs are THOSE?

A Wild Thing said...

Now that's my kinda loungin'...let me ask...has that girl taken them boots off yet???

What a fun house, everything obviously has meaning to it, such an eclectic collection of memories. Love the antlers...sorry...I gotta be me!
Ha...miss ya girl...


Lauri Evans said...

I especially like the leapord lounge can you see the disco ball, love the disco ball. Lauri