Monday, December 1, 2008

Butter Pats

The butter pats are in the first picture, bottom left hand corner, but I'ma keepin them! Sorry Lauri, you ain't gettin these! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!


Unknown said...

Hey Ms Theresa,

You've got to leave some beautiful white treasures for the rest of us poor souls.....or at least sell them online so that we don't have to sit and drool over our computer key boards!

Until we see each other the next time in Round Top, Brimfield or Paris!


Lauri Evans said...

You are KILLING me.....How did I miss those. They are so cute.... will you will them to Craig, you know I'm getting him when your done with him!!!! Lauri Crying about the butter pats, boo hoo. Do you feel bad yet???

countrycharisma said...

I'd like to know how many places you had to go to find that many pieces of ironstone in 4 days. Sorry girls, I'm not lettin' go of all my butterpats either! (may find one or two) carrell

trash talk said...

My bad-I was dazzled by all the white. Tn'T