Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

Well Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is almost here! I can't believe 2008 is gone! Where does the time go? I am hopeful that 2009 is a better year for every one! Thought I would share a few random photos of vignettes around the house. I would love to go places and take pictures of cool shops, but they are few and far between! People in our area are behind the times and they don't get my style! They think it is just junk that needs to be painted or thrown in the trash! What can I say~~I love my junk!~~Hope you do to!

The clock in the picture above it no bigger than a pencil eraser.

This is a soap dish with 2 broken heads!

A collage of things all layered together.

Some really big sponges I bought in Brimfield.

And these are my baby heads!
But my baby heads are good upstanding Christians,
nothing like those slut babies over at 2chippys!
See how happy they all are!

They all get along nicely!

I've got a thing for these white grapes!
I have them every where!
Aah! Books and Nest!

This little cast iron lion has been with me for years.

I was experimenting with the flash off.
Can you see the June bug shell?
This small vignette is inside a sterilizing cabinet
from a beauty shop.

This is on top of that same cabinet.

Another broken head in another soap dish!

This vent is out of an old barn.


A Wild Thing said...

Hey girl, glad to hear from ya, just got back from Sisters'...things are winding down from the holiday up there and we are anxious for the first of the year to start anew. Out with that crappy old year of uncertainess(is that a word) and into the new. We are psyched about it, I keep pushin for the antique show...next week I go up on Thursday to get the layout ready for the website she wants to do, just one more cog in the wheel.

I think things are looking up for all of us, you can almost feel something stirring in the air, it just feels different...let's hope so!

I just love your style, especially the bugs and sponges and nests...you got it baby!

Miss ya...nut

ps...my word verification is QUACK...is there a message here??? WHATEVER!!!

trash talk said...

Oh TOT, who cares if folks up your way don't get you. I totally do!!! It's all just soothing, tranquil(even the baby heads) and just beautiful. Tn'T

Lauri Evans said...

How does she know her babies are Christians????? I'm calling Lulu.....Lauri @ chippys

High Desert Diva said...

Great vignettes!

No, I won't be stripping the paint off these pieces and 'refinishing' them...I soooo know what you mean!

Mindy said...

So many wonderful things! I think my favorite is the last. That barn vent is wonderful! ~Mindy

ajunkqueen said...

I may have to tear some dolls heads off, all kidding aside you have got STYLE.

Lauri Evans said...

Yeah, what Lauri said. Don't go casting stones...my arm is pretty good and ironstone has known to break now and then...
looks fab.
I got the NEW 18th Century Interiors for Christmas..IT is so YOU
oxoxxo lulu

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Love it all, including the christian dolls? You know I love your style and so does Texas!! Move girl move here, the shops too would love you! Happy New Year!

Diane Irvine Armitage said...

I love your vingettes. Your style is wonderful :-) Stop by my blog to see the lovely relic I bought from you! It looks perfect. I love that we can shop on your blog - forget the shops - we can shop while we blog with someone with style!

Myrna said...

OH! I love your "stuff"! Keep 'em coming! You are inspiring me!!
Cheers and blessings to you in the New Year!!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi, I just discovered your beautiful blog.. I love your style. One thing I've learned over the course of starting the blog is to be true to ones' self.. I swayed away from the true me ..so I'm looking forward to being true to myself and the things I love..all of your vignettes is one of them... If you don't mind I'm adding you to my blog roll.. I'm truly looking forward to more of your great style..hugs ~lynne~

misselaineous said...

Hey...just discovered your blog, and I think your style is awesome! So what if the folks in Kentucky don't understand it? Me thinks that would make for better picking in your area! Personally, old chippy paint makes my heart beat a tad faster...even if my own hubby thinks I'm a bit nuts! My mother was a great refinisher, and some of her pieces I inherited would look so much better if she had just left the original finish alone!! Oh well...different strokes, eh? Happy New Year! *elaine*

blessings said...

I love the little beveled mirror on the easel AND your chippy ol' vent!!

I sorta feel like you, there's not many around here that "get" my style. Thank Heaven for blogs =)

Blessings... Polly

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

OK. Now those pictures make me want to go home, throw everything out and start all over! Gorgeous!

People around here don't get my shop. They think it's just junk that needs to be painted or thrown away. LOL But I don't think I have anything as cool as your stuff - which they still wouldn't get. It's hard to have such "refined" taste and be in a cookie cutter town. ;-)


countrycharisma said...

Hey Theresa, Great photos. Love your stuff and style. I could never make baby heads look good even if they were Christians. I wouldn't have a slut baby head if you gave it to me! Love the tiny clock. Hope you had a great Christmas with your son. We had our kids and grands all week and had a ball even if we are totally worn out. Great New Years to you!

delighted heart said...

Loved your photos and love your style! Christian baby heads....now that is too funny! I don't have any baby heads but I get it....I'm from Texas! Your barn vent is wonderful too! Wishing you (and the babies)many blessings for 2009!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love your vignettes. They are simply fabulous. And I can definitely tell that your baby doll heads are Christian!

Beth Leintz said...

I LOVE your junk- every piece is just a treasure and you've displayed it all so wonderfully.

Just found your blog- and was so excited that I had to stop and comment- I'm heading back to look some more!

Mélanie said...

I love your style ! I particularly like the bugs