Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Booth Work

I had to go over to the Barn to work on my booth today, it was getting pretty messy looking! It amazes me how somebody can pick something up to look at it and never put it back where it belongs! And I had sold several things this month, so there were some empty spaces! Yah!

There is a chandelier in my booth that I put junk (treasures) on instead of prisms, as I was dusting I realized someone had stolen the little bottles right off the chandelier!! Can you believe this! To top it all off, they had to stand in something to even reach the chandelier! Of all the things they could have taken, it was a couple of 50 cent bottles! Crazy!

I did a major move around, sweep the floors and enjoyed playing for a while! Hope you enjoy the pictures! If you see anything you would like to have just drop me an e-mail.



the old white house said...

It all looks so nice and inviting. You really have that 'special' touch I love the assemblages you did in the ornate frames, so cool! Then ofcourse theresa all of the creamy white and silver, perfect. It makes me want to find somewhere nearby where there is a shop like that! ~ Theresa

Lauri Evans said...

Hey it looks fabulous. I love all the silver on the shelf. And I want that little square bowl, turned upside down with the english stamp.....lauri

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful! I know how you feel about the picking up and moving items by people. Sometimes I even find my stuff in others boths, it amazes me. Well anyway have a nice evening!

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

You've done a wonderful job decorating up your booth...very inspiring pictures!
Happy day.

Unknown said...

Oh, the tales of woe I can tell you from having a shop ... it is amazing what people will do. Lovely presentation.

Pop over for our giveaway, if you haven't entered.

Happy Valentine's
TTFN ~ Marydon

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Everything looks great. I would like to go shopping there! :)
Unfortunately - Yes I can believe someone went to that much trouble to take something.

Mindy said...

If you find the thief, I'll hold 'em down while you kick 'em. I hate stealers. Sorry to hear about their visit to your kick booty, beautiful space! It all looks marvelous! ~Mindy

Annesphamily said...

I want to be there! What a rotten thing to do steal from your pretty things! Rats!

donna baker said...

I'm glad I can't shop in your booth. I would spend too much.

My Vintage Treasures said...

Do you just luv when your treasures find new homes!!! Well at least when they are paid for. Hopefully they really needed the lil bottles, so sad.

Luv all your pix!!!

My Vintage Treasures said...

For some reason, I can't bring up your email :(

I like the teapot & water pitcher in your first picture :O)
What price do you have on them???

My Vintage Treasures

Kathy said...

Your booth is so pretty. Great idea for the chandelier. So sorry thieves got to it. You have so much talent!

sassytrash said...

Your booth looks wonderful!! (...and that headboard is TDF!!)
Do you and Craig lift all that big stuff? I have to pass up the massive pieces, since I hate to bother my boys to help me, even though they don't mind. You are amazing as always!

A Wild Thing said...

Looks fabulous as usual, girl, you got the thang!!!

Well, you know what they say about karma...very bad juju!!!

Love ya!

Unknown said...

OMGosh I love it all!!
I just spent the last hour looking over your blog, love it so I'm following now. I'm a newby at your blog can you tell.


~La Rustique Market~ said...

Your booth looks awesome! Love all the tarnished silver.
Have a great day~ Lisa

lifespassion said...

Everything looks beautiful! Wish my booths looked like that ~ LOVE the Gilbert clock - but then I have a weakness for clocks, don't ask me why! Sorry to hear about the petty thief - they are just pathetic, pitiful people who would do that. I had someone PRY open my china cabinet, damage the oak wood, to steal some jewelry. We all know where we hope they travel to when the time comes. Beautiful job - awesome items, love your blog!

Sister Patty said...

Your reorganized booth looks wonderful! I can't imagine EVER getting tired of the white/off white look. It's so peaceful,

Frustrating to have stuff taken, isn't it. And it doesn't matter if they are 50 cents or $5 -- it's the principle of the matter! I just hate when that happens.

Thanks for sharing some great pics!

Rebecca said...

I love your booth it looks fabulous! Love the silver, can you give me a price on the sugars and the little set up front on the mantel? I could write a book on shop lifters...I had someone walk out with a huge urn once and someone yanked down a 10' French lace curtain I had wired to the ceiling, roll it up and walk out with it...1200 bucks worth. I got so I would only let myself be upset for 15 minutes, when I found something gone...it just isn't worth it.
Hope you have a good night

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Your booth is amazing...I love so many things! Wonderful whites....I'm trying to control my 'I want ums'!

It's just so sad that customers often just don't respect your hard work and just mess things up..or worse yet, steal! I guess it's just part of the business..just makes me crazy!

Have a great day,

janet said...

looks great! i have that same problem in my space....people just set things down...grrr! worse than that, people drag in all kinds of stuff from other spaces and leave it in mine! double grrr!

June said...

Nobody does this as good as you do Theresa! I declare you are a master at booth decor. I know it takes a lot of thought and skill and I love it all.

Anita said...

TOT- You are converting me to a tone on tone gal here...what is happening to me??? Loving the look- and I love the industrial as well...