Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cold Hard Steel

Yesterday was spent unloading and reloading the box truck! Now this is a job I usually don't mind, but is was so cold you couldn't stand to put your hands on any of this metal without gloves!

The Tailgate Show in Nashville requires us to carry a different load than normal! White does not sell there so I don't even bother taking it! And, industrial is the only other thing I like to deal in!

Thought I would give you a sneak peek at what we had been up to! Not sure how this booth is going to turn out, but I will do my best!

Industrial lingerie chest?
That's what it looks like to me!
Cool piece without paint!

This huge cabinet looks better in real life!
Great storage piece!

Some more of Craig's fabulous tables!

These little round tables started out life as trash cans.
The wire mesh is copper!
This is one of my favorites!
This started out life as a bicycle rack!
We turned it up side down and put a top on it!
Perfect coffee table now!
Little table has a cute zinc top,
looks white, but it's not!
Love these chairs as well!
They had waffled up inserts for the chair bottoms
and we replaced them with metal disks!
They had tons of paint on them, gone now!

For all those who ask for prices, I am going to my booth today and I will get back to you with answers to your questions! Thanks!


My Vintage Treasures said...

Have fun in Nashville :)

melissadc76 said...

Excellent industrial goods! That stuff sells like crazy for me too. It's good to know what sells where!

janet said...

love, love, love industrial! white doesn't sell? hard to believe! hope you have a safe trip and great show!

sassytrash said...

Love Craig's tables! Good luck with the show, it all looks fantastic--I like industrial, and the young buyers will love it. Hope you sell out!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Hope you sell it all! :-)

donna baker said...

Isn't it funny how at one show you couldn't give away stuff they like at another.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Love the industrial! Hope you have a wonderful show.

The Kramer Angle said...

I find the blog world so funny! Just when I start obsessing about something the same thing turns up on someone's blog and I fall in love all over again with the idea - like your industrial pieces. I've been searching for a fabricator to turn some of my tables into zinc top tables - no luck so far though! Any tips on how I'd do that?

Love the pieces!

Anne Lorys said...

I'm more of an industrial gal, too! I would proudly have any of that in my home, ESPECIALLY the bicycle rack table, I LOVE THAT!!! :-)


One Vintage Hag said...

hi theresa,
thanks for your comment today ~ all is well here just peddling junque like you.
have a great show ~! we sure miss our monthly buying with you guys.
maybe some day we will have a great show again.

Sister Patty said...

Very cool stuff! I get goose bumps just thinking about touching metal when it's cold outside!

I hope you have great luck at the show and come home with an empty truck (except for the treasures you buy)!

jacklynn4 said...

Love it all, have fun in N-ville:)


Mindy said...

Every single one of those round tables makes me covet. Love 'em all! Lots of great stuff! ~Mindy

A Wild Thing said...

Isn't it funny how one destination is so different from the others, Barb just sold that wonderful old chippy white counter, glad it's still selling in Ioway...Craig's tables are FABU!!!

Have a great got dem bones!!!

Lauri Evans said...

Love all the different bases on the tables. Can't wait to see you in Nashville. Lauri

Preemie Donna said...

You gotta to give the people what they want.. Good Luck at the show.

Blue Creek Home said...

What do ya mean, they don't like white???!!!! I didn't think such folks existed!!

But, I do love the industrial things you are taking.