Thursday, August 21, 2008

1of 2Chippys House

The highlight of my trip to Atlanta was spending time with the 2Chippys! We went to dinner one night and after we ate LuLu went on her way and I got to go to Lauri's house! What a treat! Her house is very pretty. Hope you guys enjoy the pics.

Me with 2Chippys!
Lauri has tons of ironstone, one of my favorite things to collect.

And my all time favorite is butter pats! She is trying her best to get more than me! I think she has succeeded, at last count I have 140 and I think she is up to 170! Bitch!

I love how she stacks things up randomly.

Check out the butter pats under the glass dome! LLOOVVEEIT!!

She decorates with a lot of color, bling and fluff stuff.

This is a small table in her kitchen. (more butter pats)

Buffet in her dinning room with all kinds of treasures on it.

Sharon this ones for you!

Some of these goodies she bought from me! She has good taste!

Frenchie chest in her living room.

Look Shelly, brown transfer ware and Lauri said it's for sale.

This clock case is in the bathroom.

This is Lauri with her son 20 years ago! She definitely has 80's hair!



trash talk said...

TOT-what great pictures. Let's play a game. What was your favorite thing in her house. I love the clock case---a lot! Later-Debbie

Lauri Evans said...

Oh Theresa, the pictures are wonderful, that doesn't even look like my house, I can't even see the dust and cat hair......You are so sweet, I so enjoyed that weekend can't wait to see you in Texas and do it again. Thanks for the sweet post. You're the best!!!! Lauri @ chippys

Lauri Evans said...

It does SO look like your house. I think you like so angelic in that picture...HAH you hid your horns....great shots of great stuff
ox lulu

The Feathered Nest said...

Yummmm Laurie's house is wonderful!!! Here's my email Theresa... I don't know why I can't get yours ~, xxoo, Dawn

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Love the ironstone...especially the butterpats! I had never heard of butterpats until recently. Now I'm on the hunt to find them! My concern is that between you Laurie, there aren't any left!

One Shabby Old House said...

I love your blog and I will be back. I haven't been to Lakewood since it closed. I love what I am seeing here. I must make a road trip someday soon.
So how are you doing with your shows? I use to have a store and still have so much. Have thought of going to Mt. Dora's fleamarket and setting up there. Maybe one day I will bump into you in Lakewood.