Sunday, August 3, 2008

Friday and Sunday Junkin

Craig and I went on a shopping trip on Friday! I think I hit the jackpot on white dishes (77 piece set)and white accessories. I just can't get enough white stuff. This is all strung out in my sun room on a wallpaper table waiting to be repriced and toted up for the next show.
I know you can't tell much about all this stuff, I didn't have the energy to make it look pretty. Now I wish someone would come scrape off all price tags and reprice everything for me!

I thought this chandelier was unusual! Kind of looks like a hot air balloon. There's Craigy-poo!

Anybody need a school desk! I hate these things, but I thought they looked cool lined up together. No! I did not buy them!

And last but not least this is the best PICKER in the world, Gary Perkins. I have been buying from him for 16 years. For the last 4 years I have gone to his house every Sunday morning come rain or shine to look at his loot! He comes up with some of the coolest stuff. Thank you Gary!



sweetpea said...

Looks like fun and always to see Craigy-poo hard at work! Does your picker ever come to boring FL?


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I want a picker guy like you have? Hmmm I wonder if I could one of those in Texas?

Lauri Evans said...

Good grief! You scored!!!!!
HEY--if you want a counter on your blog...just go to ours and click on the counter there. It will prompt you on how to get your very own! We can't believe the number of hits since 14 days ago!
xoox lulu

A Wild Thing said...

What a haul...careful that razor blade doesn't get too close to the wrist while scratching off ALL THOSE TAGS...wretched job...but what a haul...I miss my ol' picker.


Prairie Gothic said...

Love that white stuff and I have a chandelier just like the "balloon" one, mine has pale purple bubbly glass in it.

Unknown said...

I like that chandelier, it does kinda look like a balloon, watcha going to do with it? mishelle

Robin said...

so basically Gary is your personal shopper? SWEET!