Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Camera

I finally got a new camera yesterday. It is a little complicated to operate, but I think I can figure it out. Wasn't planning to buy just yet, but I went to Walmart and they had all their Digital Cameras marked down. I guess they are getting ready for the new models for Christmas. But boy did I get a deal! It's a Sony DSC-H2 Cyber-shot, 6.0 mega pixels, 12x optical zoom, retail $399, on sale $170. Needles to say I couldn't pass is up. So far I really like it, took some close up shots around the house this morning, hope you enjoy.

Sorry about the glare on the clock face, there is a button for this I just don't have it mastered yet, give me couple of 100 pics and I sure I'll get it right. Oh and by the way, the pic inside the clock face is me, my dad and my grandfather fishing in Florida, several years ago, probably about 40 years or more. We caught some huge fish that day!

I love clocks, clock faces, alabaster, coral and lets not forget books.

Not sure what this little stage coach was used for, but it's cute!

Some tiny shoes, head vase and of course butter pats.
Hope you guys enjoy some of the tiny vignettes from around my house.



Country French Antiques said...

I like those photographs.

Cameras really can make a big difference, still trying to get use to mine!
Have a great weekend!

Lauri Evans said...

Great shots! I think I need a new much gets lost in translation...or operator error
oxox lulu

A Wild Thing said...

Cool shots...I still haven't got mine all figgered out. The instruction book is half an inch have to read it...hell, I'm usin it under the table leg :)

later gal,