Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Show and Tell

OMG girls! I have so much to show and tell! First of all we had a great show at the Lakewood 400! I am so excited about that show! I wish we had gone to the show before now! I love the area it is in, so much better than the area surrounding the old Lakewood. The drive there was pleasant also, because we didn't have to go into downtown Atlanta, what a treat! And the attitude of the customers is so much different than the Scotts show. These customers were glad to see me, and they wanted to BUY!! YES!! I met some of the nicest people and of course I got to hang out with the 2Chippys! And guess what? I got to go to Lauri's house and take pictures! But that's for tomorrows post. Hopefully I get all these dealers put together with the right pictures. ENJOY!

First on the list is Ann VanDevelder, she does the show a few times a year, but I like her stuff.

Next we have Jocelyn O'Gorman of (The Painted Fern) she has a permanent spot in G 407-408. The next 7 pictures are of her booth. She has some very cute displays and she wants to move to Kentucky!

Across from Jocelyn is Nancy Zukusky of (Farm House Salvage) she is permanent in G453B. Some of my pics of her didn't turn out, hope I got enough so you can see her neat ideas. Next 4 pics are of her booth.

The next booth belongs to a long time Lakewood Dealer Sue Lahr she is permanent G442.

This is the store front for Joann Rogers (Grosgrain Annies) don't you just love that awning? Next 6 pics are of her booth. You have to see it in person to get the full affect. She hand dyes all her ribbon and it is to die for!

Debbie Turner of (Turners Treasures) A 23-24 has tons of vintage jewelry. She is one of the old Lakewood dealers also, and she is so sweet!

And who can resist Carole Berg of (The Potting Shed)? I always get the best fluff stuff from her. She does a great job decorating her space, makes you want one of everything! She is right inside the front door to the left. Her email: caroleberg@ymail.com, if you see something you want just let her know.

Doesn't that tomato plant look real?
And last but not least we have Beverly Norris she is permanent in G 434-435.

This clock is not old, but I think it has a great look!

There are tons of good dealers at the Lakewood 400, these are only a few that caught my eye. There is all different kinds of furniture from old to new. If you haven't been there you should go see whats going on. I plan to be back there is for the Oct. show.



A Wild Thing said...

Glad you had a good show...great shots of the dealers' stuff...what fun!


madrekarin said...

I'm so glad you had a good show!! But- I am especially glad to see Gorsgrain Annie's!! I used to buy her ribbon at Lakewood (the old) and had no idea where she went when it closed. You cannot imagine the sadness, as she has the best hand-dyed silk ribbons in the ATL.
I am leaping with joy that you found her. :) It's up to Lakewood 400 for me!!

trash talk said...

TOT, I'm happy to hear you had a great show. That's a good indicator for the Round Top show, hmmm? I saw pix of your spaces on Chippy's and it looked Fab!